ClusterMind Competence Game

Evaluating teamwork and accountability competencies

ClusterMind’s gameplay takes place at an advanced research and tech facility bringing together world's greatest minds to find solutions to complex challenges of the present day.

The staff’s chief task is to design and deliver cutting-edge inventions for diverse groups of clients: businessmen, students, or even space travel experts!
czy nawet specjaliści od lotów w kosmos! 

Working in such an innovative field requires thinking outside of the box, as well as highly developed teamwork competency. Each member of the ClusterMind staff has their own responsibilities to focus on, but must also be ready to provide support to others whenever necessary. 

In the ClusterMind competence game, the player assumes 4 different roles: consultant, healer, scientist and engineer.
Each role comes with its own scope of responsibilities and abilities. To meet the gameplay’s goals, the player needs to think of the facility as a single organism. Effective teamwork is paramount to tackle unusual situations arising at the lab.

In ClusterMind, the player’s goal is to find the perfect balance between carrying out their own tasks and working towards the goal of the entire team.

 Measuring competencies with
ClusterMind Competence Game

Instead of the final results, the game’s algorithm focuses on tracking each player’s behavior throughout the game.

This allows for a reliable evaluation of as many as 5 competencies grouped in 2 areas: 

Active engagement in carrying out tasks, as well as trying to solve problems independently. Making decisions within one’s scope of responsibility, accountability for both the positive and negative consequences of one’s actions.

Self-reliance, initiative, engagement
The player takes action on their own initiative, within the scope of their responsibility. They react as soon as they notice the need for their input, without waiting to be asked. They understand their own goals and actively work towards them.
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i aktywnie je realizuje.

Decision-making, taking responsibility for consequences  
The player makes decisions promptly and on time, even when such decisions are difficult, unpopular, or carry risks.

Full understanding of one’s role within the organization, skillful balancing one’s more immediate goals (individual and team goals) with the goals of the organization as a whole. Taking proactive steps leading to more cohesion and efficiency within the organization. 


Goal alignment and loyalty 
The player knows and understands their own role within the organization, as well as the roles of other people and departments. They prioritize the general goal (that of the team, department, or company) over their individual goal.

Inviting teamwork, integration around common goals 
The player engages in cooperative work within their team, department, or company willingly and of their own initiative.

Offering help and creating a supportive environment 
The player offers help whenever they notice that others might need it.

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