8 advantages of the online Assessment Center

Online competence games are taking the field of competence evaluation by storm. Their advantages make them more feasible than traditional methods in many situations. The COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of online meetings together with a growing reluctance towards face-to-face meetings make competence games all the more appealing.

Here are 8 reasons why it’s worth choosing online competence games over traditional methods such as competence tests and recruitment tasks.

Assessment using games is…

  1. Less stressful for the candidates, who don’t have the assessor watching and judging their every step. The game can be played anytime and anywhere, at their convenience.
  2. Much more efficient in business terms– it’s cheaper and faster. In addition, it doesn’t require other financial and social costs. The candidate doesn’t have to take time off their current job in order to participate in a Competence Game assessment. They can do it at any time convenient to them, including the weekend.
  3. Scalableand can be carried out objectively for very big groups in a short time. The biggest recruitment to date using the Competence Game included 800 participants who went through a complex and incredibly engaging recruitment process in as little as 6 weeks. (Watch the webinar: Engaging Online Recruitment Processes and  how to Design Them).
  4. Thorough, as the evaluation is based on a large number of behavioral indicators, unbiased and validated by a computer algorithm. For contrast, consider the reliability of an evaluation made by an assessor who after six hours of Assessment Center sessions is about to test his fourth group of the day.
  5. Not biased towards extroverts, unlike many group ACDC tasks. With a research procedure, we can focus on other aspects of competencies.
  6. Immersive, its engaging format encouraging players to enter a flow state. A recruitment process using a competence game makes for an attractive employer branding element, which can encourage candidates who are more engaged, qualified, and appreciative of growth opportunities. Such candidates may be attracted to the game even just to find out something new about themselves.
  7. Practical, since using competence games doesn’t require booking workshop rooms, engaging assessors, organizing catering, and scheduling with both candidates and assessors.
  8. Efficient: Assessment using games spells the end of the burdensome process of reaching agreement on the final wording of the individual reports for each candidate among the assessors. The post-game report is generated automatically. It is objective and includes helpful information on the competency levels and descriptions of what can be expected from a person with a given level of each measured competency, as well as advice for the manager.

One advantage of a traditional assessment is a greater flexibility in choosing competencies to evaluate. Choosing Competence Game means accepting the scope of 17 competencies measured by our games.


Using multiple measurement methods results in a more comprehensive assessment. Competence games can serve as a useful complement to traditional competence assessment methods. Their reliability also makes it possible to use them exclusively in select recruitment processes.


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